Sunday, August 26, 2012

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Youtube Sensation Sungha Jung from the 1st Philippine Philippine International Jazz and Blues Guitar Festival

Welcome To Manila Indie Music scene. The newest blog to post Manila's eclectic and dynamic Music Scene! I will be posting the photos I will be taking of the Music scene here in Manila. So check em out and support local acts! See them live and be inspired by them!


  1. Hi Noel! Nice to meet you. My name is Jon, i'm part of WU Manila Magazine and I love this Photo. We're doing a write up on the upcoming Jazz and arts festival in Manila and was wondering if we can use this Photo for it. May I have the name of your photographer to see if we can have permission? Thanks so much.

    1. Hey, jon, thanks for inquiring about the photo. This is my photo. If you want you can contact me at so that we can make arrangements. Thanks mate!